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5 Keys To Online Success For Travel Agents

I am still surprised that even in 2016, the term Local Travel Agent is still being used. With so many different tools and platforms available online for you to reach people and potential customers all over the world, there is no reason for any entrepreneur to restrict themselves to being, unless you are a pizza shop. Many travel agents have been reluctant to promote themselves online, and this is no doubt robbing them of a lot of potential business. When people are planning their vacation, they would love to hear from an expert, they would love to find you.

It's your job to make yourself accessible to these potential clients. Here are 5 keys to travel agents gaining success online.

1. Get A Proper Website

The biggest mistake many travel agents make is taking the potential of generating leads online for granted. Therefore, they invested little to no time or money in obtaining a proper online presence. Too many times travel agents will send you a website link, and all that is there is a generic booking link with a banner that is not properly sized and an email and a phone number. If you want customers to take you seriously, your online store needs to look like you mean serious business. 

2. Focus On A Niche

You do not need to try to be the next Expedia, because you most likely won,t be. Focus on doing the things that Expedia, Priceline or any of the other Major Online Travel Agencies can't do, and that is providing expert advice to clients about a particular product. Your website does not need to sell everything, it just needs to properly represent the products you are really good at selling. This way, you really provide a unique value to the consumer. When they want advice about a particular product, they will come to you as the expert. Build an online website that represents the type of travel specialist you really are.

3. Create A Catchy Name

Think of something fun and catchy to call your travel business and website. Preferably a name that suggests something about your niche. does not say anything to a client about what type of travel agent you really are. Get together with friends and family members and have fun coming up with a cool name that people can easily use to identify you.

4. Promote Your Website

Get in the habit of getting people to contact you through your website. By doing this, you make it easier for past clients to send you referrals. If you properly brand your website, your clients will remember it and when they have referrals, it will be easy for them to send those leads right to your site. The more you promote your website, the more traffic your site gets. More traffic equals more leads.

5. Get Back To Inquires Quickly

After investing the time in building and promoting your brand online, do not throw it all away by not responding to client inquiries within a reasonable timeframe. Many times when clients submit inquiries online, they do so with more than one website. The first person to get on the phone is normally the one that gets the business. Make sure all inquires from your site comes into your email, and make sure your email is setup on your cellphone. The faster you reply to your leads, the higher the chance of you closing them.

There is no reason to be a Local Travel Agent, just be a Travel Agent. Create a presence online and help clients find you from anywhere in the world.



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