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About Us

Co-Founded by the husband and wife team of Sajenour Rhoden and Darlene Rhoden from Toronto, Canada, The TravelNet Inc. is a licensed travel agency and travel software company, that aims to provide online business building and automation tools for travel agents and those looking to sell travel products and services online.

8 Years ago we ventured into the world of Travel. It all started with a passion for putting together really cool parties, adventure tours and other niche market travel events. We wanted to provide fun alternatives for those who were looking for something other than the traditional all inclusive holiday experience.

We quickly realized that none of the existing host agencies provided the tools and infrastructure we needed to set up the type of travel business that we wanted, and all the  solutions we found online for software were either trivial or inappropriate. The TravelNet was founded out of desperation. We were only interested in planning cool travel events, we had no intentions on becoming masters of excel spreadsheets and that's what we were stuck with. 

After several years of working with programmers to setup the type of software solution it would take to run our business efficiently, the idea of The TravelNet emerged. Just like us, we believed that there were other travel agents out there who could use such a platform but may not have the resources to create it.

The TravelNet is a comprehensive eCommerce and marketing solution for independent travel agents and small to medium size travel agencies. Our aim is to provide all the tools a travel agent would need to run an efficient business online and offline in a single place, saving them time and money so they can focus more on taking care of their clients and growing their business.

“ We have been using The TravelNet for several years to run our online travel websites and to automate our daily operational needs. Now we want to help other agents do the same. “

Large Online Travel agencies have taken away a lot of the business from smaller travel agencies and agents. Today customers expect every business, large or small to have an identifiable presence online. We believe there is a shift in the market and consumers of travel products are going back to the place where they want the experts to handle the travel planning for them. The TravelNet has the tools travel agents need to make themselves accessible online and inevitably win some of the business back from the larger online travel agencies.

"We are excited about the future of the travel industry and the role Travel Experts will play in it. We are looking forward to being a big part of that."