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Whether you are an experienced travel agent looking to take your business to the next level, or you are looking to become a travel agent and need a host agency that can fulfill your business needs, or you are looking for a part-time option to work from home and generate some extra income, then The TravelNet is perfect for you. Our innovative travel agent business management software and our aggressive consumer lead generation system will provide you with the tools to easily setup your business, build your brand and generate more sales.


  • Your customers are online and you should be too. However, just being online is not enough. You deserve to stand out and look like a pro. When you become a member of The TravelNet, you have the opportunity to look as good as or even better than any online travel platform. We will help you setup a fully custom travel store that fully represents the type of travel specialist you are. Your site is branded with your design and colors, own domain name, logo and contact information. You get to feature only the destinations, products and services you want to sell. Online booking engine, website blog, Destination pages, your travel store can have anything and everything you want.

  • We understand that regardless of everything else, the most important thing to any business is sales. We provide you with all the right tools to increase your reach and attract more leads, but this does not mean that we do not work to send even more customers to you. Our aggressive approach to lead generation includes setting multiple channels each day, looking for more leads to send them to you.

  • When it comes to technology, we believe that we are second to no other host agency. If you can list all the logistics you have to deal with in order to run your business on a daily basis, you will find that our proprietary business management platform “Resdesk” has tool to manage it. From the big ones, to the little ones. From automating your client payments to managing your groups and quotes, all the answers you need can be found in a single login.

  • When you join The TravelNet, you get access to over 250,000 hotels with inventory for you to list and sell online, flight booking engine, as well as over 10,000 niche market tours and cruises. Our system also allows you to upload any product that you want to feature on your website. You can list your own preferred resorts, cruises, tours, vacation rentals, even event tickets. We have ensured that you are able to sell anything and everything that you want to sell.


  • Generate, Track
    & Process Quote
  • Easily Manage Multiple Groups
  • Schedule Client
  • Add Products To Your Website
  • Manage Your Client Orders
  • Track And Manage Earned Commissions


We’ll give you the tools, and we will teach you how to use them. We will also teach you how to market yourself and build your brand online to generate more leads for your business. Our training system features weekly live webinars, video and article guides, podcasts and documents uploaded to the Agent University section of our website so it’s available to you whenever you need it.


Keep up to 80% of the commissions from your sales when you become a travel agent with The TravelNet. The average commission earned on a package vacation package sold by a travel agent is 15%. So let’s say that you sell a package worth $3000, then the total commission would be $450. At 80% you would receive $360.


  • I have been in the travel industry for over 15 years. This is by far the most innovative platform I have ever seen. I joined The TravelNet because there system will save me at least 70% of the time I spend on client logistics. Additionally their vision for the industry and what they plan do for travel agents, both existing and those looking to join the industry absolutely blew me away.

    Mark Davidson

    My Travel Center