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Inside Look: What Does a Travel Agent Actually Do For You?

After raising two children, Andrea Crowther wanted to return to the workforce. When she mentioned it to her travel agent, Susan Peavey, Crowther was hired. 

“Every day is different, which is what I love about being a travel agent,” she said. “I could be updating social media in the morning, organizing travel documents for delivery and creating travel options at noon, meeting with a bride about her destination wedding at 3 p.m. and going to a new resort presentation at 6 p.m.”

Peavey Travel is a small agency of three in Boston, Mass., so the agents are responsible for everything from travel reservations to accounting, marketing, and keeping up with destination changes, resort renovations, new openings and monitoring sales.

“Some days I am on the phone 7.5 hours out of 8 interviewing clients to help people find the right resort or destination,” said Peavey. “If someone is used to staying at the Four Seasons, I need to know so I do not recommend the Holiday Inn. Most of my requests start out with clients telling me that they want to go someplace warm, what do I suggest? I have to dig around and ask questions. When? Where? Where not? Where have you been before? How much do you want to spend? Many people have caviar dreams but PB & J budgets.”

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