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Tips for First Time Traveler to Mexico

Don't drink the water in Mexico.
Probably the most common tip for travellers to common — be aware of the ice in beverages at the bars and restaurants, and avoid using tap water when brushing your teeth also. Mexico is known to have one of the most contaminated water in the Western Hemisphere.

Cheapest time to visit is late spring through early fall
The best time to travel to Mexico is during late spring through to early fall which is usually its low season. The most expensive times are during New Years and Christmastime, which are the more popular period for most travellers, prices stay high throughout the winter.

Two Major Airports are in Mexico City and Cancun
Mexico’s two major airports are located in Mexico City (Benito Juárez) and Cancun (Cancun International Airport). Last year the two airports combined were responsible for more than 50 million of passengers to Mexico.  

Contact your bank to tell them where you will be travelling.
It is wise to get your pesos through an ATM, to make sure you are not walking with too much at once. 
Any debit or credit card purchase outside of your country could lead to suspicions that may result in suspension or cancellation of your cards.

Pack plenty of sunscreens, sunglasses and a hat.
Mexico is very close to the equator, and the sunlight is very intense. There is a very likely chance of you getting sunburns from prolonged exposure to the sun. Be sure to protect your body with sunscreen whenever possible and reapply as needed. Also remember your sunglasses and hats to protect your eyes. 

Know at least some Spanish
Visitors to Mexico must be able to speak or understand atlas some of the basic Spanish words to communicate with the locals as most of the population speaks only Spanish. In addition to in case of emergencies, known a bit of Spanish can make your trip more enjoyable.

Stay in the safe areas
Even though most of Mexico is usually safe to visit, some areas near the US border can get really dangerous due to the government's war against drug dealers. Visitors should abstain from wearing flashy jewellery or holding electronics or money out in the open, as this could attract thugs.


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