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You Took your Kids out of school to do what?

Yes, it's true, call me a " bad " parent, but I pulled my kids out of school to take them on vacation !!! I have actually done this on more than one occasion. Unlike the traditional thinking, of using the Scheduled School Holidays, to plan our family vacation, pay the absolute most premium rates for peak travel time, deal with packed airports and hotels that are at FULL capacity, and the joy of not finding a spot for us to hang out as a family by the pool.

So why why why should our family have to endure this when there are several other opportunities to travel throughout the year? You may want to avoid Judgement by the teachers, or your friends and neighbors " shaming" you because education is the most important thing in your child's life.
Hey, well that is actually a good point, it is important, and there are many ways of receiving education, not just from school.

I believe to be a well-rounded person, full of compassion, little judgment of other cultures and people's traditions, comes from a seasoned traveler. The amount of knowledge that travel can provide for your children should NOT be underestimated.
You need to stop fearing what your child might miss a week's worth of an old curriculum and venture out into the world filled with new and exciting experiences.

Allow your kids to make lifelong friendships with people from other countries. The days of Pen Pals may be gone; however, these kids nowadays know a thing or two about staying connected...

Now obviously, I am not suggesting you pull your children out of school during a week of exams, ( not that they will argue this one ) but consider a date other than March Break, Summer or Christmas. Not only will you save some money, but you will be the COOLEST parents on the block, leading by example and showing your children that there is a pretty impressive world beyond our borders.

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