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10 Images That Explains Why The Caribbean Is The Perfect Vacation Destination

  • 1. Beautiful Whitesand Beaches

    The expansive, subtle stretches of powdery white sand and sparkling, translucent lagoons are an attractive charm when it comes to the Caribbean. The Caribbean hosts some of the most glamorous and iconic stretches of the beaches in the world making it impossible for visitors to visit the Caribbean and not have a day at the beach.

  • 2. Friendly People

    The Caribbean people are always adorable and welcoming to visitors. Whichever Caribbean Island you visit, you will find that you will be welcomed with open arms by people that are friendly, kind, colourful and always with an adorable smile. Being around cheerful and vibrant all adds to a fun and relaxed vacation.

  • 3. Rich Culture

    The Caribbean is overflowing in colonial history which and whole new dimension to any Caribbean vacation. Caribbean Islands like Puerto Rico, Barbados are steeped with colonial, ecological and archaeological locations that show the exquisitely rich colonial culture of the Caribbean Islands. Many of the Georgian and Jacobian architectures are even constructed from white and pink corals. Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Barbuda and Barbuda are all destinations of interest for travellers looking for a taste of Caribbean history.

  • 4. Incredible Food

    If you are hankering to lose yourself in some traditional island cuisine, you definitely have a treat in store. The Caribbean flavours are like no other, and the seafood is usually delicious and freshly caught. The Caribbean cuisine is an amazing fusion of European, Chinese, Amerindians, and East Indian flavours coming together to create a delectable mixture of tastes. Food lovers love Caribbean holidays.

  • 5. Incredible Sunsets

    The Caribbean is home to some of the most heavenly sunsets in the world. Some breathtaking sunsets are conjured on the Caribbean Islands displaying every colour imaginable, reflecting onto the crystalline the Caribbean Sea. Chilling on the beach while the sun sets will make you feel more relaxed and the perfect ending to an incredible day. Make sure that you a cocktail in hand to rack up the indulgence points.

  • 6. Warm Weather

    The Caribbean is known for arguably having the most beautiful climate on earth, with temperatures a lovely 24-29°C all year. Its never boiling it is never freezing cold in the Caribbean and rainfalls are at a very calculable rhythm — but that's what keeps the Caribbean Islands lush and green. The most popular time to visit the Caribbean Islands is between December and April, where the weather is slightly cooler, and the winter sun is absolutely dazzling.

  • 7. Lush Vegetation

    One of the most amazing things about the tropics is that its abundance of rainfall allows the natural vegetation to and forests to stay lush and green. Almost every Caribbean Island is a combination of green mountainous interior region and flat sandy coastlines. The people of the Caribbean can enjoy year round fresh fruit, vegetable and yams which make up a big part of their diet.

  • 8. A Variety Of Resorts

    Accompanied by the breathtaking scenery, landscape and beaches the Caribbean offers a wide variety of resorts that promises you will find a glamorous lodging when visiting the Caribbean. Whichever type of vacation you are seeking, whether it is a family vacation, solo travel, groups clothing-optional or an ultra-deluxe vacation, you are certain to find it the Caribbean.

  • 9. Natural Sights And Attractions

    From rain forests to mountains, natural springs and breathtaking waterfalls, there is plenty to see and do off the resorts when you book a Caribbean vacation. Underwater activities such as snorkelling and scuba diving, on land adventures, suck as ATV tours and biking up the mountains, climbing waterfalls, rafting down calm, peaceful rivers, enjoying a bath in a natural spring. These are only a handful of the things that are there to see and do when you vacation in the Caribbean.

  • 10. Fun Festivals

    Festivals are a big part of the Caribbean culture, and they demonstrate the history of the Caribbean and its cultural history. Party-goers love visiting the Caribbean for the countless amount of massive cultural festivities host in the Caribbean annually. With streets filled with steel drums and dancers frolicking in skimpy, colourful costumes, and events held right throughout the night, you are certainly in for a treat.

The Caribbean is one of the most diverse and exotic destinations in the world. Unique combinations of its White sand beaches, people, culture and history offer the visitors a one-of-a-kind and adventurous experience making the Caribbean a top 10 Destination in the world. 
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