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Most Popular Caribbean Cocktails

  • Mexico, Margarita?

    Mexicans love their tequilas. An authentic margarita, either on the rocks or frozen can't be beaten. To change it up a little try a Michelada (primarily a beer version of a Bloody Mary).

  • Aruba, Coecoei

    The  Coecoei is a sweet red drink that is made from agave plant sap, a sugar that tastes similar to passion fruit and Palmera Rum. The best spot to get it is at Aruba Ariba that uses rum, vodka, creme de banana, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, and orange juice, for an authentic flavour.

  • Bahamas, Bahama Mama?

    The Bahamas has a lot of different signature speciality drinks, due to the fact the nation have many different islands. But the traditional favourite is the Bahama Mama. The secret to a great Bahama Mama is the Nassau Royale Liqueur, a rum-based liqueur manufactured by Bacardi that includes a dash of vanilla in it. The drink is combined with pineapple juice and more rum.

  • Barbados, Bajan Rum Punch?

    Rum is Barbados’ pride and joy, with its local brand being Mount Gay, one of the oldest brands in the Caribbean, dating back to 1703. So it's no surprise why its signature drink is straight-up Bajan Rum Punch simply adding sugar syrup, lime juice water and bitters.

  • Jamaica, Jamaican Rum Punch

    Jamaican Rum Punch, you will think you are just drinking a delicious fruit punch, and before you know, it creeps up on you. The Jamaican Rum Punch is a very strong drink made with Rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, strawberry syrup and more rum.

  • Antigua, Antiguan Smile?

    This former British colony has its own signature rum, which is crucial to the flavours of their speciality drinks. The Antiguan Smile combines rum with creme de banana and pineapple along with Cavalier Antigua Rum.

  • Puerto Rico, Pina Colada

    Puerto Ricans speciality drinks are anything that has Bacardi Rum, and if there is one place you want to be drinking a pina colada it is in Puerto Rico; rumour has it, the drink was born in Caribe Hilton's beachfront bar.

  • St. Lucia, BBC

    Another huge producer of rum, St. Lucia has a secret arsenal for its cocktails; Marigot Bay's Banana Cream and Coconut Cream liqueurs. Mix them with banana and rum for a classic BBC.

  • St. Maarten/St. Martin, Guavaberry

    This dual nationality island, which is both French and Dutch colonies had to come up with a drink that is twice as stylish. Guavaberry, is a fusion of aged rum and brown sugar, with guava berries from the hillsides for a pink cocktail that's popular among locals in the festive seasons.

  • St. Vincent/Grenadines, Shirley Temples?

    Rum cocktails are again a favourite for this Island. The St. Vincent & Grenadines’ Shirley Temple is not your typical Shirley Temple; it is a mixture of grenadine with ginger ale, and rum garnished maraschino cherry. Some bars also add a dash of lime juice.

  • Dominican Republic, Mamajuana?

    This drink is popular mostly amongst men: Mamajuana is a drink made from red wine, rum and honey that has been soaked with herbs, bark and twigs. It is alternatively used as an aphrodisiac or as a medicinal tonic.

  • Virgin Islands (British), Painkiller?

    Home to world-famous clubs and beach bars, the Virgin Islands knows how to put on a party. Their drink of choice is the Painkiller, made from pineapple juice, Pusser’s rum, orange juice, cream of coconut, served with a hint of nutmeg.

  • Virgin Islands (U.S.), Bushwacker?

    The  Bushwacker is very similar to a mudslide. It is a frozen drink that tastes like a dessert rather than a cocktail. The drink includes mixes of rum (Cruzan from St. Croix is the local version) with, vodka, amaretto, Baileys, Kahlua, and cream of coconut over ice.Recipes may vary. 

The Caribbean Islands are known for their rum and spirit creation, and there is no surprise that most of them have their signature speciality drinks, most of which can pack a punch. If you are looking to get bold with your drinking habits on your next trip to the Caribbean, forget the stereotype pina colada's and explore the native cocktails of each Caribbean Island.


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