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The Best Spots To Watch Sunset In The Caribbean

  • Boqueron Beach, Puerto Rico

    This mile-long stretch of white sand beach on the south coast of Puerto Rico is lined with coconut trees that just add to the overall beauty of the sunsets. Also, have a look out for the famous “green flashes,” caused by refracted lights, that appears right before the sun disappears beneath the horizon. A rear sight that can't be seen anywhere else in the Caribbean.

  • Jade Mountain, St. Lucia

    From Jade Mountain Resort’s rooms facing the west, you will be blessed with a view of the sky’s orange-red reflecting in the Caribbean Sea as the sun hides behind the iconic Twin Pitons. If you want to take it up a notch, try and make the trek up the mountains before sunset hours to get a panoramic sunset view of the entire Island.

  • Mount Sage National Park, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

    Situated in the midst of tropical archipelago, the Mahogany Trail leads up quick 300 yards to the peak of Mount Sage. Standing at 1,716 feet, it is the highest point in the BVI making it the perfect place to watch sunsets and enjoy views of the surrounding Islands.

  • At The Rocks Restaurant At Eden Rock Hotel, St. Bart’s

    From the open-air terrace of this restaurant on the French-speaking island, Gazing over St. John’s Bay you will be granted front row seats to watch a spectacle; breathtaking sunsets and schools of parrot fish as they dart across the orange-red hued surface of the Caribbean Sea.

  • Sunshine’s Grill, Nevis

    The outdoor chairs and tables at this relaxed spot on Pinney’s Beach are the perfect location for watching the sun disappear behind the green hills go Nevis’ sister island, of St. Kitts. Don't forget to order Sunshine’s Grill’s signature drink, “Killer Bee” rum punch, to add an extra awe to the occasion.

  • Landfall Park, San Salvador, Bahamas

    A simple cross made from stone at Fernandez Bay, on the west coast of San Salvador, pays homage to Christopher Columbus’s first landfall in the New World. Many visitors have snapped images of the sun dipping blow the horizon of the Caribbean Sea, with the monument in the background.

  • Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

    Though it is not exactly six miles of beach, this powdery crescent of white sand on Grand Cayman's west coast has more than enough room to spread out a blanket and watch a beautiful Caribbean sunset. Hues of orange and yellow covers the sky and reflects onto the Caribbean sea while dark shades of clouds hover above.

  • Shirley Heights, Antigua

    From the tallest peak in Antigua — where the debris of General Shirley’s 17th-century seaside stronghold — the sun sets immaculately over the Galleon Beach and the English Harbour. Make the trip on a Sunday night and you’ll meet a crowd of locals who congregate there for a regular sunset party on the beach.

  • Peter Island Resort, Peter Island, British Virgin Islands

    Every evening Peter Island Resort, carry out a “Sunset at the Loop” tour for the visitors. Members are taken to an overlook of Deadman’s Bay on the island’s west coast and filled with hors d’oeuvres and wine while they watch the majestic sunset behind the BVI islands.

  • Rick’s Café, Jamaica

    The world famous bar and cafe is roosted on the cliffs at Negril’s West End and is arguably the best place in the Caribbean to watch sunsets from the terrace — past travellers will encourage you to take the 50-foot dive. There are also wild after dark parties that spread out on the beach below.

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