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Grenada is a southern Caribbean Island located to the North of Trinidad and Tobago, that has the main island and numerous surrounding islands. Also known as the “Spice Isle,” main mountainous Island is home to many nutmeg plantations. it is also where the capital city, St. Georges, is located, with bright-coloured houses, Georgian buildings and early-18th-century Fort George overlook narrow Carenage Harbour. To the south of the Island is the Grande Anse Beach, filled with resorts and bars. Grenada has an area of 132 square miles and a population of 109, 590 people.


Why go


Your trip to Grenada won't be remembered by the cost of the airfare or the size of the hotels. It is the variation of reds, yellows and greens that define St. George’s harbour, (arguably one of the most stunning in the Caribbean) and how they are reflected in the crystal water. The lapping sound of the waves on the soft sands echoes in the ear as the sun goes down. The scent of the vanilla and nutmeg that drifts through the Market Square and throughout the Island’s spice plantation. The tantalising sensation you feel in your tummy and on your taste buds after tasting the River Antoine Distillery’s 150-proof rum. Not only is Grenada meant to be seen; but also to be savoured.

North Americans often overlooked the Spice Island, for its showier, resort-laden Caribbean counterparts. But take a hint from the Brits, who have been here for countless winter vacations: Grenada is more than worth the trip. Sure, Grenada doesn't have the glitzy night clubs and the sprawling all-inclusive of the other Islands; in fact, you may not even find another American here. But that's just part of Grenada’s charm. 

Getting There

Grenada is relatively easy to get to from the main international cities like New York, Miami, Frankfurt, Atlanta, London, Caracas, Toronto and the Caribbean. Flights stop at the Maurice Bishop International Airport, and travellers that wish to visit the site island of Carriacou have a  quick trip by private island transport to Lauriston Airport. Cruise ships to Grenada depart from Puerto Rico and Florida.