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Travel Agency Accreditation Options

Wading through accreditation options can make your eyes blur and your head spin. It’s like trying to remember the names of your 50 cousins at a family reunion: There are IATA and IATAN. There’s ARC as well as their VTC and CTD programs. There’s CLIA and CCRA’s TRUE#. That’s just the beginning. 

Some offer air ticketing; some don’t. Some accept agents outside the U.S. Some don’t. Choosing an accreditation is like finding the right-sized tool for a job. If you’re a leisure agent with a comparatively lower volume of air ticketing, getting an accreditation with ticketing is like chopping carrots with an ax. 

So which tool is right for you? Below you can check out info on accreditation options. It includes information on eligibility requirements; geographical locations accepted, cost and well as other details.


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