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Travel Agency Accreditation: An Introduction

Hello, fearless reader—today, you are about to learn another language: travel agency accreditation acronyms (TAAA . . . jk). I have to admit, being a newbie to the industry myself, my brain almost exploded trying to learn this language. It’s complex stuff, but it’s all broken down here. So even if you’re a newbie like me, you’ll get the hang of it. We’ll look at target markets for different travel agency accreditations, their application requirements, and what services they provide. 

Whether you’re an independent travel agent, hosted agent, or a business that books employee travel in-house, you’ve come to the right place. That said, the article has, um, an abundance of information. So I created a few escape routes for readers who know where they want to go. 

First, a really fancy travel agency accreditation flow chart so you can check out which options might be a good for you to explore. (view full size image)


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