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Getting travel photos with no other people in them, especially at popular or famous landmarks, can seem almost impossible. But, if you think about it, if you try to get there when most other people don’t think to, or don’t want to go, you’re obviously going to be one of the only people there.

Here’s what the Taj Mahal looks like at 7am on a Tuesday during Monsoon Season!

For me, it’s easy, because I’m an overly ambitious, semi-neurotic, wanna-be photographer who will literally scale a mountain in the middle of the night just to get the perfect photo. I’ve figured out every possible factor that goes into getting those travel photos with no people in them that will make you wonder if I actually photoshopped it or not.

1. Go early AF!

Early bird gets the best-travel photos-worm.

Trust me when I say, I am NOT a morning person. At all. But, I know for a fact, and have photo-evidence of no people at popular places, when I’ve gotten there either before or as they’ve opened. If there’s an opening time, look it up online and plan to get there a few minutes before hand in case there’s still some other early-birdies trying to get the photo-worm as well.

It also helps (me) to set multiple alarms, especially if you label them with things like “GET THE F UP OR NO COOL TRAVEL PHOTOS!” and “Call the taxi NOW!”

2. Avoid weekends and holidays.

“Where is everybody? OH WAIT. It’s 6am on a Wednesday.”

This should be a travel photo no-brainer, but it’s meant to be more like food for thought when you’re booking your trip and making plans. Don’t forget to look up holidays and events in the country you’re going to as well as your own.

If you can travel during the week, or at least extend your trip into the beginning of the week, do it, because that’s when everyone else will be going home.

3. Don’t go during high-season.

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