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10 Ways To Find Customers Online For Your Travel Business

After setting up your beautiful travel website using The TravelNet, your next big question is, how will you find visitors for you website and how do you turn those visitors to customers. You can become the next if you are willing to put in the work, but it will not be easy. The first step is to get started. Here are 10 ways you can find customers and start making sales on your travel website. 

1. Social Media

Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and all the pioneers that brought the social media phenomenon to his world, getting initial exposure online is now easier than ever. Once you have created your website, the first thing you need to do is let all your social media friends and follower know about your new venture. Send them personal messages and ask for their support or referral.

2. Start Group A Discussion

Create a social group or community and add people with common interest to your community. You may be selling a particular destination or a niche travel product. Create group discussions to find those that may be interested in the type of travel that you are selling.

3. Click Ads

Google AdWords can get a little bit expensive if you are just starting off and do not have a big budget, however Facebook has a very effective paid ad service that allows you to reach targeted customers for a preset daily amount. Invest a $100 per week or so in getting your new business off the ground. 

4. Give To Receive 

Offer visitors and social media fans something for free in exchange for them to opt in to your mailing list or create an account on your website. Offer something like a $25 voucher towards their first all inclusive vacation package booked with you, or something else of value you can find to give away. 

5. Engage With Site Visitors

Signup for a live chat service and use it to engage with those that do visit your website. Most live chat apps have tools that allow you to monitor the activity of each visitor to your website. Notice the ones that are spending a longer than average time on your site and engage with them to get feedback or to find out if you can assist with anything.

6. Promote A Special

Many vacationers shop for deals online when they are planning their vacation. Search to see what vendors are offering any kind of booking incentive and promote it on your website and to your social fans and community. 

7. Use Directory Websites

There are many free directory websites online where you can go to list your business for free advertisement. Don’t get trapped into paying monthly fees for Google rankings, stick to the free listings on sites like craigslist or Kijiji that gets a lot of traffic and does not cost you anything. 

8. Start A Blog

You may not be an expert writer but you do not need to be to share stories or tips on your website that may be useful to your target customers. Find news, stories, or articles online daily that is relevant to your product, and share it on your website to get more visitors to your site.

9. Ask For The Business

Do not be afraid to ask website visitors, social media followers and those in your email list to book their next vacation with you. Ask for the business. 

10. Ask For Referrals

The best way to get more customers is to ask your customers to refer their friends and family. People know other people that share their interests. If they booked your tour, they may know a friend that may be interest in the same thing. Give out referral incentives. Turn one customer into two. 


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