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5 Reasons Why Couples Prefer Using A Travel Agent To Plan Their Destination Wedding

One of the fastest-growing trends in the travel industry today is a destination wedding. This is where couples choose to fly outside of their home country, to a foreign destination to exchange nuptials. Not only do many couples see having a destination wedding as a more exciting alternative to the traditional local banquet hall wedding, but also studies have shown that the savings on a destination wedding, when compared to a traditional wedding cost, are quite significant.

Even though the idea of getting married on a beach at some exotic tropical location, with great weather and friendly people sounds like heaven, the idea of getting married in a foreign country that you know very little about can be pretty intimidating for brides and even the grooms. Thankfully, there is still the good old fashion ever-reliable option of contacting your travel agent. Couples looking to get married abroad have found great comfort and success in allowing the expertise and knowledge of these travel professionals to guide them through the planning and decision-making process of putting together a fantastic destination wedding experience.

So what are the key things that couples are looking for in a destination wedding that makes them feel more comfortable in seeking out a travel expert instead of working with a resort or venue direct? Let's find out.

Destination Knowledge

Even though most couples tend to choose a location that they have visited at least once to host their destination wedding, most times does not mean they have expert knowledge about a given destination. There are travel agents that are experts in specific destinations and spend their days planning trips for people looking to visit the destinations they specialize in. These agents come with a wealth of knowledge and experience and are fully equipped to provide the husband and wife to be with all the information required to ensure that their destination wedding preparation goes smoothly.

Handling Logistics

The logistics of arranging a wedding abroad that may include 30 – 50 people can be very stressful and overwhelming. Most couples spend their regular days working and taking care of their everyday lives; sometimes it is hard to find time in between to dedicate the needed hours towards doing research, planning and handle all the communications required to put all the details together. This so happens to be what travel agents do for a living, and they are trained to do so very well. The travel agent will handle all the details of the travel arrangements for every member of the wedding party, so the bride and groom do not need to worry about it. Travel agents also help with ensuring all the local requirements such as marriage license and registration is fulfilled so that ceremony is legal and binding.



Every couple wants their wedding experience to be a unique one. Brides and grooms have their ideas of what they want out of their destination wedding and most times it requires a lot of personalization. Travel agents take care of more than just flight and accommodations. When a couple communicates their needs to a travel expert, they will almost always have the answers and the relationships to accommodate the special requests made often made by over-excited couples. Travel agents take away the standardization of booking a wedding package, which gives the type of flexibility a couple needs to personalize their destination wedding experience.

Peace Of Mind

Having a trained expert that has arranged many of these types of experiences before, provide a tremendous sense of security and peace-of-mind for nervous couples wanting to ensure everything goes well. Destination wedding experts are not just used for the purpose of putting together the pre-planning details; they are also advocates for the bride and groom if something goes wrong. The last thing a couple wants is to be stuck having to deal with trying to resolve unforeseen issues that may show up along the way. Having a travel agent on standby in case of any such scenario is a huge bonus in addition to everything else.

You Can Find One For Free

Some destination wedding specialists charge a fee for their services, and I am sure most of them can justify their fees with the value they provide. However, if you are not willing to pay extra fees, then there are many travel experts with the same level of knowledge and training that only work for commissions, paid to them by the vendors, meaning the hotels, airlines and other vendors used to provide the needed services. So when you think about all the value you can get by using a specialist to help with your destination wedding planning, why would you not?



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