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5 Social Media Content Marketing Tips That May Help Your Online Travel Business

If your online travel business if going to be successful, you will have to learn how to effectively drive traffic to your website, and then eventually convert them from visitors to paying customers. One of the best ways to get traffic to your website is by using social media. In order for your social media campaign to be successful, you will need a proper content marketing strategy. Content marketing is simply the process of using valuable and relevant content, to attract the attention of visitors to your site. Content marketing is good for new online businesses because it helps you easily create a loyal following, establish credibility within a market segment, and it’s a great way to give back to your visitors. Here are 5 tips that may help you run an effective content marketing campaign on social media.

Keep Your Updates Short And Enticing 

 Most of your social media fans and followers have hundreds or thousands of friends and pages they are following. It is not possible for every single update shared by the pages and people they follow to show up on their newsfeeds. Social media sites use algorithms to determine what content people interact with most, and those are the ones that shows up on newsfeeds. These algorithms tend to favor shorter, more direct updates.  

Share Content From Your Website

 The primary objective should always be to get your social media fans and followers to go to your website. If you want them to purchase a travel package of fill out a quote form, then they can only do this from your website. You need to share unique content from your website, so when users click to view, you benefit from the traffic. Your content should serve as traffic bait. Share useful travel industry tips, news, articles or any media type that may be useful to your target customers.

Post Content That Fans And Followers Will Want To Share

 There is no faster way for your website to viral than to have a lot of people sharing your posted content on their social media newsfeed. Instead of focusing on posting often, focus on the quality of the content you are sharing and ask yourself each time, will this be something that others will want to share? Having people share your content will not only drive a lot of traffic to your website, it will also build your social popularity, which also results in more traffic.

Share Multi-Media Content 

Videos, images, or website links are all classified as multi-media content. Social media alogorithm seems to favor updates that have one of these types of media forms included. Videos and images create high engagement and high reach.  Find inspiring images on shutterstock and videos on youtube that is relevant to your niche travel product and share them on social media with your followers.  

Mix It Up

There are many different types of media format you can share on your social profile. You do not want your followers to get bored so try to mix things up as much as you can to keep engagement high and keep your fans interested. Use blogs, videos, podcasts, polls, quizzes, images, slideshares and any variation of media format you can find that is relevant to your target customers.


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