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Debunking The Top 5 Myths About Using A Travel Agent

Consumers have access to the same travel booking information as travel agents.

Yes, consumers have access to booking the same hotels, airlines and any other travel product as travel agents do. However, let's not confuse making a booking based on limited online information, to having access to all the RIGHT information to make the best booking choice. First of all, consumers should know, that it does not matter how many websites they search, they will never have access to all the inventory available at a given hotel, airline, cruise or any other travel product. Not even if they search all the major travel booking websites online including the hotels' websites. Many vendors have preferred relationships with Travel Agency Consortiums, Suppliers, and Tour Operators, that allow these organizations to block off a portion of hotel rooms on contract for specific dates. Many of these organizations only deal with travel agents. So not only is the travel agent able to look on all the same sites that you as the consumer is searching, they have access to resources to find pricing and availability that you don’t. Conclusion... When you book by yourself, you can only book the best of what you can find. When you book with a travel agent, you are booking the best of what’s available.

No One Uses A Travel Agent Anymore

Technology as incredible as it is has its limitations. There are still some things that online travel booking engines are unable to do. Travel booking websites are not only limited in their inventory availability and selection; they lack the flexibility to handle certain complex itineraries and special needs. Even though the travel needs for some may be very straightforward and basic, there are many circumstances under which the itinerary requirements go beyond the cheapest available hotel room and flight. Here are some stats that may be shocking to many. 51% of Airline tickets are still booked by travel agents. 81% of organized tours and packages, 87% of all cruises, 47% of hotel bookings, 45% of car rentals are still booked by travel agents. So on average, believe it or not, most people still prefer to use a travel agent to book their travel plans.

All Travel Agents And Agencies Do The Same Thing

The Travel industry is one of the biggest industries in the world, with dozens of product types, hundreds of product categories and thousands of possible travel destinations. Good agents and agencies know that they cannot be the best at everything, so they instead prefer to specialize. Most travel agents are product and product category or destination specialists. This means they have a few types of products and destinations they sell, and they focus on just that. This allows them to not only build valuable relationships with the product vendors but also helps them learn their market extremely well which helps them in providing the most up-to-date information and travel insight to their clients.

Travel Agents Charge High Fees

There are many luxury travel specialists that have engagement fees for their services yes. These agents provide very specific specialized services that bring more than monetary value to their clients. However, there are many travel agents that do not charge extra fees for their services and instead work for the commissions they will earn from the deal, paid to them by the product supplier or vendor. Some vendors pay a small commission percentage so some agents may add a very nominal service fee to help make the effort worth their time commitment. Your travel agent will work extremely hard for you, most times for very little

Using A Travel Agent Is A Waste Of Time

Searching and comparing sites on dozens of websites, reading an endless list of fake and biased reviews, spending 7 days on a vacation filled with regrets due to insufficient or inaccurate information. All those things are what I would call a complete waste of time. Having a trained expert offer their knowledge, relationships, and insight into making your vacation experience as personal and hassle free as possible is absolutely not a waste of time.










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