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Save Money This Christmas By Planning A Holiday Vacation

Most of us love everything about Christmas. But for some of us, the shopping, planning, entertaining, decorating can be very overwhelming, tedious — and costly. So why not ditch the entire Christmas celebrations and head out of the country?
Sure, it might seem expensive to vacation on Christmas, but if you take into consideration all the gifts, food, decoration, parties, the cost of a Christmas vacation may not be so expensive after all.
If you need to be convinced further, here are six reasons why you should skip your next Christmas and have a Christmas Vacation.

Hotel Rates Are Not As High As You Think

Recent studies prove that, around Christmastime, accommodations cost in the top 10 travel destinations is about $180 per night, on average. The most expensive are Cancun, which goes at about $378 per night and Las Vegas being the least expensive at an average $95 per night. 
To further attract guests, resorts also offer holiday packages which include turndown amenities, gifts, etc. to create a home away from home experience.
Also, you can even save more money if you book through travel agents, who can recommend the perfect accommodations for your budget type and held you snatch last-minute deals.

Flight Rates Aren't That Expensive Either

You might assume that airfares to travel during the Christmas period are expensive, but studies prove that it may be cheaper than you thought — depending on where you wish to visit.
The most affordable airfares around Christmastime are to destinations such as New Orleans, San Francisco, Nashville, the Caribbean and Chicago. In some situations, flights were even as low as $125. Considering that around Christmastime Americans are expected to spend about $1000 on holiday preparations and shopping, the price of a plane ticket is way less expensive.
Also, you can save a lot more money on airfare by planning early, searching for last-minute deals online using reward points and using other budgeting strategies. 

Say Goodbye To The Stress Of Planning Christmas Parties

Christmas parties can get expensive, especially if you have a large family. Buying decorations, preparing a menu shopping for the best outfit — these fun get-togethers can become huge budget-breakers.
Now, imagine cancelling the Christmas party this year; I bet you already feel calmer.
Not to take anything from holiday parties, they are great; together with the ones you love under one roof, everyone is having a good time and feel pampered and relaxed. However, sometimes, the person hosting is left more stressed and depleted after the party, because of the pressure to entertain and because of all the spending that goes into hosting — whether it is the cost of putting Christmas lights and other decorations or the cost of cooking and supplying drinks.
Now, choose between the financial burden of hosting a Christmas party and treating yourself to a real Christmas vacation, where you can get the ultimate pampering and much-needed relaxation and rest.

Skip Gift-giving and Holiday Shopping

For this year’s Christmas, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on shopping for presents, ditch the gift-giving and plan a proper Christmas vacation, and you could also plan it with your closest family members and friends. Imagine all the stress you will avoid, the money you will save and the memories you will create together. And, if your family insist on giving out even a few gifts, you can still save a lot by reducing the number of gifts you decide to buy. Furthermore, travelling with a ton of gifts can be a hassle plus, you will likely encounter airline baggage fees for extra luggage.
This Christmas, instead of buying dozens of toys for your five kids, a more exciting gift could be a holiday vacation to their favourite amusement park or a large family resort in the Caribbean. Make the trip itself the Christmas gift for the entire family.

The Smaller Household Expenses… They All Add Up

It costs you when you're home. Electricity, water, groceries, heat —These things may seem to be small but, if you have a house full of family members watching TV, playing music, kids playing games, showering, eating and charging electronic devices — these seemingly little things will add up massively. 
But if you plan a Christmas vacation, you will be able to save on household costs.
Convince your family and friends to put some cash together and book a resort out of the country this Christmas. So instead of using up your heat and electricity, they are using the hotel services. Also, you can save even more by having you family plan an all-inclusive holiday vacation.

Give It A Try You Will Like it

It doesn't hurt to give something else a try now and then, though breaking tradition may be hard. You can easily get bored of the same routine year after year. Still, some people might not get tired of it and want to do it every year. But, try a Christmas vacation this year, you already know what the traditional Christmas experience will be like, but you will never know what it is like to take a holiday vacation, til you give it a try.


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