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What's the most popular item for sale at the airport?

(CNN)It turns out people's top priority in an airport, besides making their flight, is staying hydrated.

Despite the high price of bottled water at the gate, it's the number one item purchased in Hudson's travel essential stores in the United States. 
Hudson Group is North America's largest travel retailer, with more than 950 stores in airports and transportation terminals. 
The company recently released a list of the top 10 items sold last year and there's a clear winner. 
Beverages are king -- taking eight of the 10 slots. 
It helps that airline liquid restrictions have turned thirsty travelers into a captive audience -- once you're past security, there's no other option than to spend. 
Bottled water is not only number one, it's number one through five -- with Dasani's bottled 20 oz taking first place and Glaceau's Smartwater 23.8 oz coming in fifth.
What else do passengers want? Chocolate!

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