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10 Ways To Make Your Honeymoon Experience Even Better

You’ll only get one attempt at a great honeymoon and though it’s hard to imagine it being anything less than absolutely magical, here are 10 Ways To Make Your  Honeymoon Experience Even Better:


Agree on the amount you can afford to spend and respect it at all times. Imagine how easy it’ll be to get caught up in the honeymoon ecstasy and before either of you realizes, incur a bill that is three times what was initially estimated. For the couples who prefer swimming with dolphins in Jamaica to kitchen cutleries, several resorts and travel agents offer a honeymoon registry service. It allows you to create your own list of desired honeymoon gifts for your guests to buy or contribute to, from room upgrades and room service to thrilling tours and excursions or even a contribution to the entire trip.

You’ve just spent the last couple of months overseeing wedding preparations and probably stressing over last minute hiccups, you deserve this. The first day of your honeymoon will very likely set the tone for the rest of your Honeymoon Experience. Why not spend it tangled together in bed, ordering room service and watching the sun rise and set from the same spot. You’ll wake the next morning happy having had your fill of each other and fully rejuvenated for the remainder of your honeymoon.

Not that I’m suggesting you become adrenaline junkies overnight but at least one activity to get the blood pumping shouldn’t hurt. Get your dose of those happy hormones zip lining, scuba diving, cliff diving or wave surfing. The rush alone will be worth it and you’ll share a thrilling honeymoon experience together.

The honeymoon itinerary; your first attempt at complete compromise as Mr. & Mrs. That’s when the bride agrees to go on an hour long run tour because her husband is an enthusiast and he agrees to a day shopping in town.

It may sound odd but trust me on this one. There’ll be things you will have zero interest in doing that seems to be the one thing your partner can’t pass on. It is okay to split up. Brides can enjoy a much-needed spa date away from her husband while he spends the day golfing. The reunion will be all the more romantic and  more only improves the honeymoon experience.  

It's your honeymoon, burn candles, wear lingerie and sweet perfumes, dance together, play music, watch sunrises and sunsets. You’re newlyweds; you have all right and reason to be super romantic until it hurts.

Being newly hitched is not something you keep secret. You’re going to want to tell every booking agent, hostesses, waiters, and bartenders; everyone. You could benefit from exclusive honeymoon perks; maybe complimentary champagne or candlelit dinner or a bump up to VIP.

In the allure of a festive foreign country, you do run the risk of getting caught up with sights to see and places to be. Don’t. Micromanaging your entire honeymoon trip can lead you into frustration. Try letting sheer spontaneity take the lead for a change, you might just end up at a little restaurant off the beaten path that serves the best local cuisine.

Souvenirs get broken, forgotten and are frankly a bit anticlimactic as a token of your whole honeymoon. Maybe cooking classes to learn how to make Mexican dishes like they did on your honeymoon or a simple painting that depicts something unique about your destination to hang in your bedroom means sweet nostalgia is never too far away.

The truth is you want your honeymoon to be much more than just a phase. That initial elation you experience does not have to escape you at the end of the honeymoon. Keep a journal of what you felt, saw and tasted on your honeymoon and consult it if ever you feel overwhelmed by the normal vicissitudes of married life.


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