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Getting Married? 10 Reasons You Should Choose A Destination Wedding

Planning on tying the knot soon? You may not have known but there is something different and may be a more exciting option over your local traditional wedding, and it’s called a destination wedding. This is where you and your partner choose to take your wedding ceremony and reception to a beach location or another preferred setting in a foreign tourist location. Destination Weddings are becoming increasingly popular and for excellent reason. Brides and Grooms that have experienced it have been pleased with the overall experience, and they are spreading the word. If you are considering a destination wedding, here are ten reasons you should definitely do it.

Destination Weddings Cost Less

Studies show that couples are saving as much as 40% on overall wedding cost when they do a destination wedding. The typical to host a destination wedding for 100 people is approximately $17,000, while a traditional wedding hosting the same number of people cost an average of $25,000. When you have a beautiful or some other spectacular natural setting, you do not need to spend money on expensive venues to host your wedding and private wedding reception. Your guests will pay for their trip so that cost is not on you.

Destination Weddings Are More Fun

Don’t take it from me, ask your friends any family members if they had a choice, what they would prefer. A wedding at a local banquet hall or a wedding on the beach at an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean. On a destination wedding, your celebration becomes a weeklong event, which includes fun games, nightly entertainment, daytime excursions, spa treatments and a wide variety of things you can add to the list.

You Will Have Better Wedding Pictures

Golden sunsets, white sand beaches, waterfalls, lush gardens, water fountains; take your pick of spectacular natural backdrops. Some of the most precious memories for any couple is their wedding pictures, and they are even more fun to look at and share with others when they are all great and look like something out of a wedding magazine.

You Get A Wedding And A Honeymoon Together

After using all your money on planning a traditional wedding, it sometimes takes couples a year or more before they can afford to have a proper honeymoon. When you do a destination wedding, you get to have them both at the same time. Have your guest come for 4 or 5 days and take an extra four days after the group leaves to enjoy some intimate time alone with your partner, where you do not have to worry about anything else but each other. It’s a great way to prolong that blissful feeling you get right after you say I do. Take time to let it all soak in and enjoy it as much as possible before you get thrown back into the regular world.

Way Less Stressful To Plan

When you do a traditional wedding, even with a wedding planner, you invest a lot of time picking out décor, looking at venues, choosing colors, price shopping to stay within your budget, worrying about the cake getting done on time, and all the other stresses involved in planning a wedding. When you plan a destination wedding, all you need to do is find a travel agent that specializes in destination weddings, and they will help you with finding the right destination and accommodations, then work with the wedding planner at the resort to see to it that all the things you need are done according to your request. You can relax, work on your invite list and worry about what dress you want to wear. You do not even need to worry about shoes if you are hosting your wedding on a beach.

Something Different

You can have your wedding pictures and wedding stories look and sound the same as every co-worker in your office, or you can be the one that gets to share something refreshing and different. Your wedding day is very special, and when the experiences are unique, it feels even better.

It’s A Great Way To Trim Your Guest List

For some people, having a huge wedding with hundreds of guests has always been their dream, while others have felt obligated to invite relatives and acquaintances that they do not exactly want at their wedding. A good way to avoid having more guests that you care to have at your wedding is to have a destination wedding. Only the people that are special to you will be willing to come up with the money to book their trip to be there for the ceremony.

You Have Special Place To Celebrate Milestone Anniversaries

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you get to spend your major milestone anniversaries at the place where you got married? On your 5th, 10th, and 20th wedding anniversary, you will have a place to go that is very special and dare to you and your partner. You get to share that with the people you meet each time you go back to that destination.

You Can Omit Some Boring Traditions and Customs

Weddings receptions sometimes can get long and drawn out due to the honoring of some very old traditions. If you have traditions you would like to include in your wedding ceremony are receptions, wedding destinations are very flexible and will accommodate any wedding you want. However, if you do not care to have them, or would like to add your twist to some of these traditions when having a destination wedding, you make your own rules.

Your Guests Will Never Forget Your Wedding Day

No one ever forgets a great holiday experience. Your guest will always remember your wedding day not only because you got married on that day, but also because they also had an incredible time on a beautiful vacation. Your destination wedding will be the topic of many dinner outings and office lunchroom conversations for years. Your wedding will be one of the reasons many others choose to have a destination wedding of their own.





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