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Pack A Travel Journal

So you have your luggage, your passport, all the items you will need for your wonderfully planned vacation and it is the day to leave! You enjoy your vacation and return to your regular life. You are anxious to tell your friends and family all about your trip but all you have to show for it are a few selfies, keychains, a few disjointed stories and a t-shirt. Probably you should have packed a travel journal.

For those persons who pick a destination and take the time out to journey there and truly immerse themselves in the culture and the country then a travel journal is right for you. Because all trips are unique and none will ever be identically the same, a travel journal will enable you to keep the memories alive from one trip to another. This journal is where you will make notes of all the exciting and not so exciting incidents that happened during your trip. You would leave space for photographs of the sights, the people, postcards, maps, boarding passes, cafe napkins, business cards, pressed flowers brochures and pictures of food.

The beauty about this is that you do not need a specific book to make your travel journal, any book will do. If you are into doing-it-yourself then it can be as simple as getting blank pages, stapling them together and decorating it to your taste. The aim is to write something about everyday of your trip. With all the fun you will be having, it is understood if you miss writing for a few days. However, ensure to go back and fill in that day so no moment of your trip will be forgotten.

If you are more on the artistic side you could take along coloured pens, highlighters, markers and any other implement used to colour to draw and illustrate something that is of interest to you. You may not be able to take home the fruits and trees you see on vacation so drawing a picture which closely resembles the item would be a good way to remember the finer details of it in its natural habitat.


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Travel Brings The Power And Love Back To Your Life. - Rumi

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