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Saving money for travel

Yes it is good to vacation at home before you can afford to travel the world. However, there are times when that just won’t cut it. Many people believe you have to be rich or have a whole lot of money to travel but there are other ways that people working a 9 to 5 can travel. Saving, strategizing and being resourceful could allow you to reward yourself with that vacation you deserve. So let’s dive into the intricacies of this plan.

Firstly, remember to be flexible. This will take into account the dates which you plan to travel and  the cities you plan to visit. Search for deals and let them inspire you where to go. You’ll get more bang for your buck if you are flexible about your trip and not stuck in a rigid framework in which you plan to work.

Travelling in “off-peak seasons” will allow you to find greater rates on flights, hotels and bundle deals. One will find that these items are usually at a reduced price during off-peak seasons.However there is yet a third season which many persons may not know about called the “shoulder  season”. This is the period between the peak and off-peak seasons. Every region has a different season so knowing how to work with them will reward you with great deals.  

If you want to go to Italy but there’s a deal being offered for the Caribbean, Cancun or South Africa then why not opt for it? Once a year go someplace you have never been before and let life teach you something you couldn’t learn while seated in your living room. Remember, flexibility is key and pack a good outlook while you’re at it.

If you are more adventurous and want a real feel of the city then booking a stay at a bed and breakfast may be right up your alley. Bed and breakfasts run for a fraction of the cost of the hotels and resorts which you would usually opt for. However, one should remember that these are not resorts so don’t expect room service and all the luxurious amenities which usually come with a hotel.

Going the bed and breakfast route or the hotel route, it would be good to stock up on groceries so that you spend less on food. Budget this into your plan so that you remember to not get caught up with spending a lot on fast food while on vacation. Treat yourself while there, yes but not every meal needs to be a treat.

Leading up to the time of your trip put your expenses into needs and wants. Before you make a purchase decide if it would be a need or a want. If it is a need, meaning something you absolutely cannot do without, then go ahead and spend. If it is a want decide if in terms of teh goal ahead it would be wise to make that purchase right away. Most likely you’ll see that the money could be better off used somewhere else or better yet, saved.

Traveling is not outside your reach you just have to go for it.  


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