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The 10 Types Of Travelers Who Do Not Need A Travel Agent

1. Savings Matter To You More Than A Great Experience 

Who cares about ensuring your seven-day vacation experience is as good as it could be when you can save a hundred dollars, right? If savings take priority over an incredible experience, then you definitely do not need a travel agent.

2. You Hate Good Customer Service

You do not mind calling in to ask a question about something on the itinerary you received when you paid for your trip online, and after being on hold for 40 minutes, your call is answered by someone who cannot even spell the name of the destination you are going to.

3. You Have 100% Faith That Hotel And Airlines Will Tell You The Truth About Their Product.

For sure when you call the hotel to book a room, they will tell you that the room you are getting is right next to the highway, and you will fall asleep to the sounds of horns and motorbikes every single night. You are also very confident that the sales rep for the airline will tell you that the seat you have been assigned is right next to the bathroom on a 14-hour flight. Who needs unbiased opinion when you have faith?

4. You Are An Expert Problem Solver

You are fully aware that many times things do not go according to plan when traveling. However, you do not mind spending the first two days of your vacation on the phone with the airline trying to locate your missing luggage. You also do not mind dealing with the stress of trying to change the date of your return flight due to a last minute family emergency. If problem solving is what you do best, travel agents are useless to you.

5. You Have A Thing For Unpleasant Surprises

Surprise! That website did not tell you that the hotel you booked is currently being renovated. Surprise! Your room looks nothing like the pictures you saw online! Surprise! No one told you that you were booking your trip in the middle of the rainy mosquito season. But it's ok because you like surprises.

6. You Have A Lot Of Free Time On Your Hands

Proper vacation planning takes time, but for you, that is not a problem because you have a lot of free time on your hands. You do not mind investing time scrolling through thousands of possible options online in finding what you want. You do not mind reading endless pages of reviews. Forget the fact that a trained expert that does this every day for a living may have all the answers you need. You have a lot of time, and you need something to do with it.

7. You Believe TripAdvisor Reviews Are One Hundred Percent Accurate

The fact is a lot of the reviews submitted on TripAdvisor are fake. Reviews submitted by product owners trying to promote themselves. Let's also consider the percentage of reviews submitted by extremely biased customers who are either pissed off because they did not get something they wanted or the guest that loves the hotel so much they visit three times per year. However, this is not about the facts; it's about what you believe.

8. You Do Not Care About Personalization

Generic experiences are good enough for you. So, why bother using an expert that can customize a package according to your specific needs. All that matters is that you have booked a vacation, the other stuff is trivial.

9. You Hate Free Stuff

A free room or seat upgrade. A Free massage. Free transfers from the airport. Free and personalized service. Even though you like saving money, you do not like free, so you have no interest in using a travel agent that has the relationships and the knowledge to provide excellent service and perks.

10. The Idea Of Supporting An Average Hardworking Citizen Means Nothing To You

Most travel agents are hardworking middle-class citizens, or people working part-time for extra income. Every time you book online, you help to make a billionaire richer. When you book with a travel agent, a billionaire still gets paid, but you also help an average citizen who probably needs it more in the process. But, who cares? All that matters is that you have booked your trip.



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