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Using A Travel Agent: Good Deal Or Bad Idea?

1. Travel Agents have expertise in giving the best advice on planning a vacation. They not only book your vacation for you but they also give you tips to help you enjoy the vacation spot.

2. Time is of the essence and time wasted is never good. A travel agent can save you time and energy by doing the research and price comparison for you while you go shopping for the essentials of your next vacation.

3. Travel Agents earn their commissions from the vendors so the service is absolutely free for you. Why take on the stress yourself?

4. Travel Agents are usually available at the click of a button to help you with any questions, concerns and fears. They will help you calm your nerves and put you in the right frame of mind for your vacation.

5. Have you ever tried to book a flight, hotel or rental car and got an array of prices? How do you know which is the best price and value for your money? Travel agents ensure that you get the correct price at all times and value for your money.

6. Travel agents usually have the inside scoop on all the deals available for what you need. A regular person may not know where to even begin to look for these deals but with a travel agent you have the super power!

7. They have the inside scoop and can usually get you more value for your buck as many travel agents have developed good working relationships with the companies they usually work with.

8. You will not have to second guess or worry that the hotel you booked is pulling a fast one on you or is a scam. Travel agents know the market and would know which deals or legitimate and which ones you should stay away from.

9. If you want to live like a local on your next vacation, a travel agent would be able to tell you the good local spots to eat, the good excursion spots, bed and breakfasts and any other place or service you may be interested in. They are able to give you the ins and outs of the city and ensure you get the most out of your vacation.

10. Most of us will not read the fine prints of any contractual agreement we sign when going on a vacation and even if we do, we may not understand it. Travel agents will be experienced in these contractual arrangements and will tell you the possible pitfalls to avoid.

All in all, once you find a good travel agent you are in good hands. All you have to do now is tell them what you would like from this vacation and start packing; they will take care of the rest.


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