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10 Reasons Why We Love Visiting The Dominican Republic

  • 1. The Beaches

    The most popular reason to visit the Dominican Republic is the beaches. The Dominican Republic has nearly 1,000 miles of coastline which is booming with soft white sand. The beaches in the Dominican Republic is famous for their powdery sand, which is usually white or golden and backed by the crystalline the Caribbean Sea. Whether you prefer it buzzing and filled with all-inclusive resorts or you prefer the privacy of the secluded cays where you can enjoy a relaxed snorkel or dive, you will find the perfect beach somewhere in the Dominican Republic.

  • 2. The Resorts

    The Dominican Republic is arguably the best destination in the Caribbean for all-inclusive resorts. With over two dozen ranging from cheap to luxury most of which are located in Dominican Republic’s most renowned resort area Punta Cana. The resorts are situated in scenic locations with world-class facilities and amenities such as golf courses, spas, wedding areas and unlimited water sports.

  • 3. Whale Watching 

    Humans aren’t the only ones that visit the Caribbean to escape harsh winter conditions. Each year, hundreds of whales travel to the Dominican Republic to breed around the Samana Peninsula. And Visitors from all around the world visit the Península de Samaná to watch the whales mating in the Caribbean Sea during the winter months. Charter a boat and watch the whales from a safe distance, as the magnificent creatures relax in the Caribbean blue.

  • 4. The Food

    Flavorful and delicious, the Dominican cuisine is dominated by Creole food. Although it varies throughout the island, the staples are rice, beans, meat, fresh vegetables and seafood. The food is also influenced by Africa, Spanish and Taino cuisine. The Dominican Republic also adds its own twist on dishes that were brought in from the immigrants that have love on the Island centuries ago, like fufu from the Africans and paella from the Spaniards. Other dishes include Kipes which came from the Middle Eastern Yani Keke which is the Dominican-syle Jonnycakes and kibbeh. Wash it all down with some famous Dominican rum or fruit punch.

  • 5. Santo Domingo

    Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic, is the oldest new-world city in the Caribbean. Santo Domingo is the vibrant capital city of the Dominican Republic and another great reason to visit the Dominican Republic. The city was founded in 1496 by Bartolome Columbus, brother of Christopher Columbus. Colonial architecture, fascinating museums, parks, and the first street in the European, cafes, clubs and casinos all combined to make this city one of the best locations in the Caribbean.Try visiting for the merengue festival in the summer or the carnival in February.

  • 6. The Nightlife

    If you love to party, the Dominican Republic s the Caribbean Island to be. A variety of clubs, bars and cafes host events for locals and visitors alike. Whether you are looking for a typical beach bar, dance clubs or world-class lounges the Dominican Republic has it all. While a lot of resorts offer shows and live entertainment, if you are looking for real nightlife, Santo Domingo is where you want to be. The Dominican Republic’s capital city is the epicentre of the Island’s nightlife. It is arguably the best place for entertainment in the Caribbean, with a variety of hip and happening bars, casinos, clubs, and restaurants.

  • 7. Music and Festivals 

    On your next trip to the Dominican Republic, be sure to find some space in your baggage for some dancing shoes. The windy tropical climate and Latin culture of the Dominican Republic combine into the ideal place to move your feet and shake your hips. The Salsa and Cumbia rhythms are enchanting enough, but what better place is there to learn the merengue moves than in its place of birth? There are many dance schools and clubs, particularly in Santo Domingo, where you can take dance classes in the summer, the city also hosts many festivals during this time.

  • 8. The Pico Duarte (highest point in the Caribbean)

    The Dominican Republic is home to the highest peak in the Caribbean, the Pico Duarte. The Mountain Range is a popular destination for nature lovers, climbers and hikers; the Dominican Republic is located in the Cordillera Central area.   The trek to the summit takes between two and four days depending on the route you decide to take. When you get to the peak which is 3,098m above the Caribbean Sea, you will be graced by breathtaking views of the Dominican Republic, not to mention a real sense of accomplishment.

  • 9. Lago Enriquillo (The Lowest Point in the Caribbean)

    The Dominican Republic is also the home to the lowest point in the Caribbean region. The Lago Enriquillo is the lowest point in the Caribbean and also the largest lake in the region. Sitting at 45m blow the Caribbean Sea level.  The lake is situated in a rather unfruitful landscape and because of the level rise and the fact and the fact that it has no outlet, its waters are briny. Take a ferry ride on the reptile-infested waters Isla Cabritos, an island in the centre of the lake where you will late the historic Taino rock art, and remember to take your camera because you will want to capture the flocks of flamingos along the turquoise backdrop of the water.

  • 10. Its Vibrant Culture

    Downtown Puerto Plata is like a never-ending party. The Dancing, the colours, the dancing, the costumes, as soon as you set foot in Puerto Plata it will feel like you got caught in the parade. The Dominican heritage is a fusion of European colonist, Taino natives and African slaves’ cultures. These three distinct characteristics are also visible in the Dominican cuisine also along with its religion, music and family culture; making for a vibrant and colourful cultural scene.

There may not be a reason for giving reasons to visit the Dominican Republic. With its windy Caribbean climate and immaculate beaches, it takes little convincing for travellers to visit the beautiful nation. Like much of the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic can often appear identical to other Caribbean Islands. Don't mistake the Dominican Republic as just another beach destination, with its rich culture, variety of adventure and scenic locations; Here are a few more reasons to help you bump the Dominican Republic to the top of you travel list.