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Spice Up Your Destination Wedding Itinerary By Adding These 10 Things

One of the things that make Destination Weddings so appealing to both the couple getting married and the guests is it’s not just a one-day wedding ceremony and reception, it’s a week or weekend long celebration. Most of the guests you invite will be using up all or half of their vacation time and budget to attend your Destination Wedding, so you need to make it fun and memorable for them. Not just for your guest, but for yourself as well. If you want everyone that attends your Destination Wedding to talk about the experience for years to come, add these ten things to your Destination Wedding itinerary.

1. Welcome Party

Start the celebration off with a bang by putting together a kick-ass welcome party for your wedding guests. Let them know that the celebration is not just about the couple getting married, but the celebration is for everyone in attendance. Don’t let your welcome party wait too long. Ideally, you want to do this on the second day as everyone should have arrived and settled by then and now ready to party. Your welcome party should include, a local ambience, liquor and food of course, and some Ice-Breaker games to get your guests interacting with each other.

2. Gift Bags

Another great way to engage your guest and making them feel special is by having surprise welcome gift bags placed in their rooms. Make the content of the bag fun and interesting, so they will not just appreciate it, but it becomes the centre of conversation and laughter for the first day or night. This is a great way to break the ice and get your guests talking to each other.

3. Off Site Excursion

Throw a fun day-excursion into the mix. When people travel, they like to get a taste of the authentic local experience. Do a survey amongst your guest to see what most people enjoy doing and have your travel agent or tour company arrange the outing. Make sure it is affordable to encourage more participation.

4. Theme Nights

People love dressing up in themes. When you are at home, dressing up in theme is only normal on Halloween night. However, when you are on vacation in a foreign country on the week of your wedding, no one cares. Theme nights are fun, and you and your guests will enjoy them. You do not need to plan a theme for every single night, but throwing one or two in the mix will make the parties and pictures way more interesting.

5. Jack & Jill Party

Why not spice things up with a Jack & Jill party. When you are vacationing at on an exotic tropical island, beautiful and talented entertainment is very affordable. Plan a fun night where the bride and groom get to have a little naughty fun and the guests can enjoy the entertainment.

6. Spa Day

It’s not a real vacation if you do not get to relax. Arrange a Spa-Day for the entire group where everyone gets to be pampered and treated like royalties. As the bride and groom, you guys deserve this treat, and I am pretty sure you won’t have too many objections from your guests if you invite them to enjoy a day at the spa at a group discounted rates.

7. Daytime Games

If you are having your Destination Wedding at one of those massive all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, then they will definitely have their own entertainment crew on staff that will be hosting daily beach games and a ton of interactive activities. Participating in these activities is a great way to enhance your overall experience and the experience of your guests. Hopefully, you will never be getting married again, so indulge and have fun. If there are no games to participate in, organise your own games for you and your guests.

8. A Non-Traditional Wedding Ceremony

When in Rome, do what the Romans do. When on your Destination Wedding, do whatever the hell you want. Maintaining your religious or local traditions are fine, but feel free to do something new or add your own twist to your wedding ceremony. Having a destination wedding is a great opportunity to ditch or alter local or religious marriage customs.

9. Trash The Dress Party

Like I said above. Hopefully, there are no plans ever to get married again so that you should not be needing your wedding dress. Forget your sister; she will want to buy her own. At the end of your reception party, get drunk and trash your wedding dress! Get it wet, have a food fight, spill alcohol on it, or maybe even get a permanent marker and let your friends write messages of love & Humour on your dress, then let it dry the next day and keep it as a souvenir.

10. Sky Lanterns

Lighting up sky lanterns and giving a toast of gratitude under the stars while standing on the beach on the last night is a stellar way to cap off an incredible week. You can make it even more spectacular by getting bonfire lit and have some marshmallows going

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