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The 10 Most Affordable Caribbean Destinations

Everyone loves a great vacation — but what makes them even more impressive is when we are gifted a Caribbean getaway that is also budget-friendly. We have created a list ranking the cheapest Caribbean Islands for a vacation based on industry experts and everyday travellers. Some of these destinations can be experienced on a budget, thanks in part to bonuses like free beaches and frequent airfare and hotel deals.

1. Dominican Republic

With an abundance of all-inclusive resorts, Dominican Republic is an affordable Caribbean paradise for sun-worshippers. This Island has everything from aqua-marine waters to prestige beaches to fantastic golf courses and high-class cuisine. And with all of eight International Airports on the island, it is mostly very easy to reach. Add in lovely beaches, welcoming locals and an excellent climate with a rich Caribbean history, and you have a dream winter getaway.

2. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico lets travellers experience the Caribbean without the commotion of International travel. Plus more less-expensive American airlines now offer straight flights to San Juan, making it a lot easier to enjoy the clear waters, powdery sands, fabulous cuisine and boutique shopping that Puerto Rico has to offer. Plus it is only 1000 miles from Florida making it even easier to get to.

3. Curacao

With the perfect weather for scuba diving and preserved coral reefs, Curaçao is a water lover's paradise. But Curaçao also attracts nature lovers as well, with stunning flora and fauna. Getting to Curaçao in the peak season might be a bit pricey, but if you visit between May and November, you will find dramatically reduced hotel rates. Though you can stay at a relatively low price during the winter as well, especially when compared to other Caribbean islands towards the southern end of the archipelago. Also, it has a huge airport, so that means frequent flights and cheap airfares.

4. Jamaica

Jamaica has been a top destination for tourists for a long time, thanks to its relaxed culture, outstanding scenery and numerous attractions. Jamaica is the birthplace of all-inclusive resorts, which means visitors can find more than enough cheap accommodations at large, all-expenses-pre-paid resorts, especially in Negril. You might spend a little more than you would in Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic, but budget-oriented vacationers can snatch flight and hotel deals very easily for a Jamaica vacation.

5. Barbados

At first sight, the pink and white sands, and stunning coral reefs of Barbados may be perceived as the stereotypical Caribbean Island charms, but there is much more to this island. The Island has rapidly evolved from a poor sugar-based economy an independent nation with one of the highest literacy rate in the Caribbean.
Finding low prices in Barbados may require a bit of patience, particularly if you are planning to visit in the wintertime. Mild temperatures and energetic festivals attract tourists in large amounts. The best time to visit Barbados is in mid-April, you will find much more reasonable rates.

6. Grenada

A lot of travellers often overlooks Grenada, so those who do visit can expect to experience Grenada’s white-sand beaches and chilled vibe without blowing out all their savings. Early winter and late fall are the ideal times to visit: deals on accommodations and airfare flourish and crowds are minimal.

7. Dominica

Dominica’s lush landscape has been protected by the minimal development of the Island, meaning accommodation choices are narrow and often a bit more expensive than the other Caribbean Destinations. But Dominica is a Caribbean paradise for nature lovers, and all the natural attractions are free of charge. Plus nature lovers will enjoy its mountainous ranges, verdant rainforests and zigzagging rivers and it also has equally fantastic beaches.

8. U.S. Virgin Islands

If you plan a few months ahead of time, you have a great chance of copping a great deal for lodging in USVI. Just stay away from ports of call; The US Virgin Islands are a top docking point for cruises and prices around the port are often sky-rocketed. You can also camp on beaches at the smaller surrounding islands, unbothered and at the cost of little or nothing. Plus they accept US dollars, so you don't have to worry about getting local currency.

9. Turks & Caicos

With a few all-inclusive resorts and breathtaking beaches that you can access at no cost, Turks and Caicos Islands is an excellent choice for travellers who are on a budget. Also, a lot of the resorts in this Caribbean island allows visitors to enjoy the uses of water sports equipment for free. This island has the perfect remedy for the stressful lifestyle; nearly empty white sand beaches, colourful coral reefs, excellent cuisine, glistening azure waters and a laid-back, light-hearted atmosphere.

10. The Bahamas

The Bahamas is probably the easiest Caribbean Island to reach from the US; it is very close by, plus daily flights to the two International Airports are frequent and small cost. Also, the convenience of not needing to change currency, great weather all year, cheap mouthwatering cuisine, premium golf courses, fantastic water sports activities, will complete the package for a grand winter vacation destination.


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