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When Is The Best Time To Have A Destination Wedding In The Caribbean? A Look At The Pros And Cons Of All The Seasons

The Caribbean is one of the most popular areas in the world for Destination Weddings. Most Caribbean islands have incredible weather all year round, beautiful beaches and a wide variety of resorts and vacation rentals to suit any budget and taste. If you are thinking about hosting your destination wedding in the Caribbean, just as important as finding the ideal location is finding the ideal time. Of course, the most important date to host your special moment is on the day that is most special to you and your partner. However, if you plan on involving others in that special celebration, it is important that you plan accordingly. Weather, budget, and availability will play a factor in the planning of your Caribbean Destination Wedding, so knowing how each season impacts your wedding plans as it relates to those key things, will be crucial to your decision-making process.

January, February, March (High Season)

Most places in North America are generally cold during this time so traveling between the Month of January and March is extremely popular for most people that can get the time off. The weather in the Caribbean during these months are the best and most consistent. It is not too hot; there is always a nice breeze and very little rain. However, it is called “High Season” for a reason. Both price and occupancy are normally very high at the most popular resorts in the Caribbean so your wedding guests will pay top dollar to attend your wedding if you plan it during this time. You may also find availability a challenge as the best rooms get booked up pretty quickly so you would either have to book extremely early or compromise on the type of accommodations you and your wedding party get to enjoy. Because the resorts are full, finding a private location on the beach to host your wedding ceremony will be very challenging. Anytime from the beginning of January to the end of March is the best time to go for a regular vacation in the Caribbean. However, it may not be an ideal time to host a Destination Wedding there.

April, May, June (Mid Season)

During these three months, the Caribbean's weather is still pretty decent as it has not yet begun to get hot and humid. You will notice that resort prices have gone down slightly and if you have a good travel agent working with you, you may even be able to get some great deals for your group wedding package. Planning a destination wedding at any time from April to the end of June is not a bad idea, but there is one critical element that needs to be considered. This is normally the time when it rains the most in the Caribbean. Even though on most days, the rain will fall for thirty minutes and it is completely bright and sunny twenty minutes later, there is still the possibility of you having on of those weeks where the rain falls every day. This may or may not affect your Wedding Ceremony, but can certainly have an impact on the rest of your vacation.

July, August, September (Low Season)

July is a highly popular month for Caribbean Destination Weddings. Yes, it is most likely beautiful and warm wherever you are from, but weddings celebrations are usually a family event, and everyone including the kids is available in July. The rates are also excellent to travel to the Caribbean, so affordability becomes easier for your guests. Resorts are usually not at capacity, so the bride and groom get to enjoy more personalized attention from the staff at the resort. It is important to know however that the hurricane season in the Caribbean starts to get active during this time. I would advise you not to be stopped by a possibility of a hurricane because the chances that your wedding day will coincide with one hitting the island you chooses are very slim. Even if that is the case, there is normally enough warnings ahead of a hurricane to make last minute change of plans. You also need to know that the heat and humidity during July, August and September is at it’s highest, so you may spend most of your trip cooling down in the ocean or the pool.

October, November, December (Mid Peak-Season)

This period is actually an ideal time to host a destination wedding in the Caribbean. It is not as hot and humid as the three months prior and even though resort prices and occupancy are starting to go back up, they have not yet hit their peak. Your destination wedding specialist will most likely be able to find you great deals for your destination weddings during these any of these months. Especially during October and November. The only real downside to hosting your Destination edding during these three months is that your wedding date will most likely be close to some major holiday celebration that may impact the number of guests that will be willing to show up. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas will all be competing with your wedding date, so it is important for you to note.

When planning your Destination Wedding, the best thing to do is ensure you enlist the services of a travel agent that works as a destination wedding specialist for the Caribbean. They will have full knowledge of the different locations and will be able to help guide you in the right direction as it relates to timing. Even though all Caribbean islands have a lot of similar things, they also have a lot of unique elements so it’s important to seek the advice of a specialist that can provide you with accurate and individualized information about each island.



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